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"A Day Without Coffee is Like A Day Without Air"

Born in Georgia, Holland Valley Coffee has roots deeper than a coffee tree. Founder and Owner, Sean Holland, possesses roots that developed in the neighborhoods of New Haven, Connecticut, ironically on a street by the name of Valley Street. Determination and a will for success, helped Holland derive a strategy for his products that only resulted in the best coffee options available.

At Holland Valley Coffee, having a cup of coffee is no longer a fleeting moment in the morning, it is now a journey through time. From the very first sip, you are able to explore the islands of Indonesia, hike the Blue Mountains of Jamaica or explore the velvety aroma of Colombian Supremo coffee bean, experiencing the ever so smooth taste of our hand-selected Arabica beans roasted to perfection. Based in the state of Georgia, Holland Valley Coffee prides itself on connecting you with carefully handcrafted products by selecting the highest quality organic beans from the worlds’ best coffee cultivating regions. Whether your palette fancies light, balanced, rich, robust or bold flavors, we have what you need to begin your day the right way.


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Holland Valley Coffee is backed by the Jamaican Agricultural Commodities

Regulatory Authority (JACRA). JACRA’s principal role is to promote the development, regulation, and standardization of agricultural commodities of Jamaica’s (Coffee, Cocoa, Coconut, and Spices) industry.

JACRA Quality Statement

 Customer Satisfaction through a culture of
 Objectivity (Achieved through written procedures)
 Facilitation (Achieved through recommendations and feedback)
 Fairness (Achieved through standards and grievance procedures)
 Efficiency (Achieved through turnaround time and accuracy)
 Excellence

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